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It's Spring time and that means pot holes--Michigan Pot Hole!  Ashby's Sterling Ice Cream has introduced this new flavor as a tasty way to help MDOT fix our crumbling roads.  With thick, black-tar fudge and asphalt chunks (fudge cups) shoveled into our award-winning chocolate ice cream, this is one Pot Hole that will put a smile on your face.  The company is planning to donate a portion of the sales of this flavor at the end of the season to further support MDOT.  View the press release here.

 Ashby's Sterling Ice Cream has been making award-winning ice cream since 1984 and invites you to read more about our history by clicking here. 

Hand-dipped ice cream is our niche.  We start with the creamiest 14% butterfat ice cream mix, then add only the best ingredients:  whole nuts, real fruit chunks, rich chocolate, fudge, caramel, and 100% pure vanilla.  These are only a few of the ingredients we use. . .and we use lots of them in each batch!

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Flavor Day 2015 will be held Saturday, November 7th. Ice cream retailers, prospects, and distributors are invited to see what Ashby's Sterling is all about and help us pick our new flavors for 2016.  Read details.

Proudly featured on the FOODNETWORK's "Unwrapped" program on June 19, 2010, June 6, 2012, and summer 2013. 

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